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Golf Coaching

SNAG allows you to coach beginner golf through a variety of golf coaching tools specifically designed to make the introduction to the basic principles of golf as easy and as fun as possible. The golf coaching system also combines individual as well as group coaching into a holistic package ensuring the full benefits of the tools are received.

With the SNAG system, you can set up a 9 hole SNAG course with distances and pars simulating the play and scoring of a real course with up to a potential of 36 people to participate, with the added benefit it is completely portable and can be set up on any surface indoors and outdoors.

Individual Coaching

The SNAG Beginner Golf Coaching System allows both group coaching and one-on-one individual golf coaching. The fundamental principles of golf are laid down with the use of the golf coaching tools thus achieving a solid foundation as a future golfer. It is often said that the great golfers like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els started playing golf at a young age, enjoying the game as children through individual coaching. This does not exclude adults from starting to play the wonderful game of golf but rather inspires one to enjoy the process of entering the game of golf as a child would, for the exhilaration and fun it provides.

Group Coaching

As a group, the SNAG Golf Coaching System allows for fun across the board with various activities incorporated into the system. The larger kits allow for golf training as well as small golf courses to be set up creating a competitive and fun corporate event. The system emphasises the most fundamental aspect of golf coaching while keeping the learning curve simple and lots of fun. Hours of productive coaching can be had while simply playing with the tools provided within the SNAG Golf Coaching System.